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The Scoop on Stuff Sacks

Earthbone by Earthbound Rolls Out Dog Duvets & Stuff Sacks

#Earhbound Favorites

Red Va-Voom Velvet Waffles

Rich Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Concoction

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Coming soon to #eb ... #ebyoga [link]

A Touch of Whimsy

Pre-Spring 2015: New & Magical Home Decor

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Get #saltstone lamps are back in stock! [link] #eb #himalayansalt [link]

Over the Knee Socks

Pre-Spring 2015: Jump right in to this season's sock story

Boho is Back

Pre-Spring 2015: Peace, Love and Bold Colors

Our Defense Against the Same 'ol Military Trend

Pre-Spring 2015: Get in line with our picks for a fresh spin on the current military trend

T-shirt Style

Pre-Spring 2015: Unique tees for guys and girls alike

#Earthbound Favorites

Snaps we're lovin' on Instagram

#Earthbound Favorites

Snaps we're lovin' on Instagram

#Earthbound Favorites

Snaps we're lovin' on Instagram!

#Earthbound Favorites

Snaps we're lovin' on Instagram!

Rustic Weekend

Fall/Winter 2014: Shop our line up of cozy chic looks for fall!

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#eb Aroma Necklaces now have replacement oils! [link] Find a scent to match your mood [link]

Catching Dreams

Fall 2014: Dress up your home with a vibrant and fun assortment of dreamcatchers.

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He's going to slither into your hand to take a nap 🐍 [link] We love this cold-blooded #handlet #eb [link]

Dreamy Mosaics

Summer 2014: Mosaics are back! Decorate in style with this beautiful and eclectic mix of mosaic wall plaques.

Desert Dusk

Summer 2014: Gorgeous new jewelry line featuring turquoise and colorful beaded accents.

Get in Gear

Fall 2014: A colorful and eclectic line up of bags and backpacks.

#Earthbound Favorites

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Wild + Free

Summer: 2014 Rich, colorful looks!

New Seed Bead Jewelry!

Delicate details and cool hues.

Earthbound + Dog for Dog

Earthbound likes Dog for Dog!

#Earthbound Favorites

Snaps we're lovin' on Instagram!

Earthbound: Opening Today in Arlington, Texas!

Announcing our newest store!

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Over the Knee Socks: Perfect for pairing with a dress, skirt or shorts: [link] #eb #highsocks [link]

India Inspired Jewelry

Channel the rich, vibrance of India!

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sacred spaces ✨🔮🌙 #eb #newage #smudging #sage [link]

Thank you for your Heifer donations!

Our customers donated thousands to Heifer International

Earthbound: Opening Today in Augusta, Georgia!

Announcing our newest store

Let's Hear it for the Boys

EB Men's Apparel

#Earthbound Favorites

The best of Instagram

EB Wallpaper for March

Gorgeous Spring florals to grace your desktop

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