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The Makers

For nearly 19 years, head glass blower Nyoman has worked to perfect the dangerously impressive art of glass blowing. He originally learned the trade from a skilled Japanese glass blower and took it upon himself to start his own business. Today he is the leader of these badass men and their studio.

The Making

The process of creating these unique rootwood vases begins with foraged gamal wood that has fallen in nearby woods.

1. Dewa starts by free blowing the molten glass into a sphere with the help of a blowpipe and an extremely hot oven.

2. Nyoman then heats the piece of gamal wood on the floor and climbs to the top of the platform where he uses a blowpipe to mold the molten sphere into the roowtood, creating a one-of-a-kind match of earth and glass.

3. The smoldering piece of rootwood is thrown into cold water to begin to cooling process. Each piece of wood and glass is labeled so the guys know which piece of good syncs with which glass vase.

4. Once the glass is cooled, the top is cut off so it can be used as a vase, terrarium or anything else you can imagine!

Dimensions: 16" L X 10" W X 15"  H appx. No two are exactly alike

Handmade in Indonesia

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