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The Makers

These vibrant wall hangings are created by a husband and wife duo, Dewa Made Yadnya and Desak Nyoman Parwati, in their elaborate compound in Ubud. The traditional compound houses the artisan family, including the smiling and super-talented cousin, Nyoman Ngurah. He has learned the ancient wax-resist dying process in which these hangings are created by called Batik.

The Making

1. Artist Dewa Gede Semara Putra traces the design with a pencil onto the cotton fabric and then traces it with a special tool called canting, with hot wax.

2. The fabric is then painted with colorful paint, with the wax outline of the design resisting the color, allowing the sketch to peek through.

3. The freshly painted fabric is placed in a pot of gel to solidify the color, rung out, and then sloshed in boiling water to remove the wax outline.

4. The wall hanging is then hung in the warm sun so it can dry and soak in the Bali air.

Dimensions:  38" L X 44" H Please note this is NOT the same size as our textile wall hangings. 

Content and Care:

100% Rayon

Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Handmade in Indonesia


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