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EB Faux Wood Travel USB Essential Oil Diffuser



This compact BPA free diffuser for essential oils naturally freshens and purifies the air.

With a simple touch of a button, you can gently diffuse a cool steam/mist for up to 6 hours while enjoying the 7 different lighting modes.

Take in the physiological and psychological benefits of essential oils wherever you are with this small USB powered diffuser, perfect for on-the-go in your car or while at your desk on your computer. Simply plug in the USB powered cord to any USB adapter to enjoy up to 1600 sq ft of powerful essential oils!

Size of diffuser: 4" L X 4.5" H. Capacity: 80 mL. Coverage: Up to 1600 sq ft. Run time: Up to 6 hours

7 color-changing lights can be paused, rotated, or shut off. 

BPA Free. Comes with a USB power cord.


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