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Black Glass Dip Pen

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Script your intentions and hone your lettering technique with this calligraphy set that includes a glass dip pen, glass pen rest and a 15 ml black calligraphy ink bottle that should be shaken well before use. The unique black ink in this set is a concoction of distilled water and water soluble dyes with a thin viscosity. This glass dip pen body features twisted blown glass and a black bubble accent with a double ended black bubble glass pen rest. This makes for the perfect holiday gift for the writer in your life, and it comes with super convenient giftable packaging that includes a black box with a PVC lid and colored information sticker.

How to Use:
-Remove the rubber protective cover from the tip of the glass dip pen.
-Unscrew the cap of the black ink mixture and dip the pen inside.
-Gently write your thoughts and ideas down. When the ink runs low, replenish the tip with more ink. When you need to pause your work you can place the glass dip pen onto the double ended ball rest.
-To clean, rinse the pen with a cloth or paper towel and some water.

Dimensions: Glass Dip Pen .5” L, 7” H; Black Ink Bottle .75” L, 2.25” H; Glass Pen Rest 2.25” L, .65” H (Approx.)
Set includes one glass dip pen, one glass pen rest and a 15 ml black ink bottle

Ink: Distilled Water, Water Soluble Dyes; Pen Rest: Glass