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Extra Small Amethyst Druze Cut Base Up to 0.5kg

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Large Singing Bowl Candle

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Style No. #52006

Relish the vanilla scent and melodic sound of this singing bowl candle! This large paraffin wax candle comes with a wooden mallet, so that once the candle is completely burned, its metal container can be reused as a melodic singing bowl! Singing bowls were originally used by Buddhist Monks and are known for their harmonic sounds. This large singing bowl set is ideal for meditation purposes or even as beautiful decoration in your home. To release the sounds of the singing bowl, strike or slowly run/stir the wooden mallet on the top outer surface of the bowl.


To remove wax from the singing bowl, place it in the freezer to make it easier to loosen. 

Bowl: 5.5" Diameter x 3.5" H (Approx.) Mallet: 6.4" L (Approx.) Burn Time: Up to 55 hours

Aluminum, Paraffin Wax, Mango Wood