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Interchangeable Crystal Necklace Set

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Quartz Trio Necklace

Interchangeable Tree of Life Necklace Set

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Stay rooted to universal truth and change up your daily charge with this interchangeable stone necklace set. Design features an adjustable silver-colored metal chain and a tree of life pendant. This set includes howlite, rose quartz, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst, obsidian, and tiger’s eye stones. The Tree of Life is a reminder of one of the oldest spiritual signs in the world, a sign that connects us to the earth. It appears in mythology and folklore in cultures around the world and the meaning varies from culture to culture but all have a common theme of connection to the physical and spiritual worlds. Some common themes of the Tree of Life: growth, individuality, immortality and peace.

Howlite offers a calming influence, working to soothe the overworked mind, bringing clarity and focused energy. When worried thoughts arise, wear howlite—it will also ease emotional stress.

Rose quartz supports the heart chakra, bringing warmth and unconditional love to the chest, radiating out. Wearing this stone is an effective tool for easing emotional stress and improving the quality of sleep.

Lucky green aventurine will encourage harmony to flow throughout the body, supporting the heart and shielding it with its gentle energy. Want luck on your side? Take note of the feeling of gratitude that arises when wearing this green stone.

Use sodalite to expand the mind and encourage clear, calm thinking patterns. Meditate wearing this nomad-favorite stone to improve your ability to let go of everyday concerns and increase total relaxation within the system. This stone holds many beneficial properties.

Amethyst protects and connects the user to higher dimensions. Its purple color and shielding resonance helps to ward off negative influences and from environmental stresses. It also works with the third eye and crown chakras to enhance spiritual awareness.

Obsidian works to strengthen and stabilize the system, bringing clarity and focus. Wear it to absorb excess electromagnetic energy and use it as a stone of protection to deflect draining energy and clear out unwanted debris!

Tiger’s eye is used to ease tension and mental blocks, bringing a restorative calm to the overworked mind. Wear it for insight and balance when meditating to encourage clear focus with its optimistic and stabilizing energy. 

Dimensions: Pendant 1.6” L, 1.85” H; Stones .25” L, .25” H; Necklace 16” L (Approx.)


60% Zinc Alloy, 30% Stones (Howlite, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst, Obsidian, Tiger's Eye), 5% Glass, 5% Iron

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