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LED Weed Leaf Crystal Mohawk Skull

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Small Sunrise Singing Bowl

Medium Wooden Hands Glass Vase

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Style No. #74553

Display your favorite crystals, fragrant dried herbs, jewelry and more in this medium hand-blown glass vase! This unique holder makes for a lovely centerpiece and is perfectly sized to fit on a bedside or altar table. Features a real hand-carved wooden hand-shaped base with intricate palm line details with a perfectly molded glass bowl on top. Use it as a terrarium and fill it with your own succulents—faux or real—to create your own little ecosystem. The outstretched hand is a sign of openness and hospitality. To position these two separate pieces in place, rest the glass vase into the palm of the hand.

Dimensions: Hands 6.75” L, 5.15” W, 2” H; Vase 5.5” L, 5.75” H (Approx.)
Due to the unique nature of this handmade item, no two vases will look exactly alike.

45% Glass, 45% Wood (Melia azedarach L), 10% Aqua Lacquer