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Chunky Brass Taurus Ring

Iridescent Chunky Peace Sign Ring

Iridescent Chunky Peace Sign Ring

Minimal Black Mood Ring

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Style No. #81763-81765

This solid, minimalistic band comes to life based on your vibe! Feeling stressed, nervous, active, relaxed or romantic? The ring’s technology will shift colors and tell you! It’s a fun, wearable way to keep tabs on your mood and check in with yourself.

Developed in 1975 by New York inventors Maris Ambats and Josh Reynold, mood jewelry has come a long way since their inception. Originally an expensive item to wear and own, mood accessories are now affordable so just about anyone can buy mood jewelry. Each of the mood ring colors represent a different emotion you may be experiencing at the time. A good mood ring will change from color-to-color depending on the temperature you are emitting due to the physiological response you are having to a situation. They are made from thermochromic materials, or temperature responsive materials.

Mood necklace colors and their corresponding emotions:

  • Black represents a stressed, tense or overworked feeling.
  • Red represents a nervous, agitated or angry feeling.
  • Green represents an active, alert or awake mood.
  • Blue represents a relaxed, calm or comfortable vibe.
  • Purple represents a romantic, energetic or excited mood.

Dimensions: .75” D, .25” H (Approx.)


92% Aluminum, 1% Black Oxide Finish, 5% Epoxy Resin, 2% Non-Toxic Water-Based Ink

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