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Mix and Match Moon Stone Necklace Set

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Amethyst Crescent Moon Necklace

Mix and Match Triangle Stone Necklace Set

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Mix and match crystals with this pendant necklace set to create your own unique vibe! This set includes five stone pendants with the following stones: onyx for courage, jasper for nurture, turquoise for protection, malachite for healing, and sodalite for truth. Please note: these are reconstituted stones made up of genuine stones that have been crushed down and combined with resin, then compressed into shapes. They are extra-sturdy and still offer the same beneficial properties.

Dimensions: Necklace 24.5” L; Pendant .75” L, 1.25” H (Approx.)

Set includes one (1) necklace cord and five (5) reconstituted stone moon pendants

10% Reconstituted Onyx, 10% Reconstituted Jasper, 10% Reconstituted Sodalite, 10% Reconstituted Turquoise, 10% Reconstituted Malachite, 15% Zinc Casting, 15% Iron, 15% Nylon, 5% Brass Lobster