Dragon Bloodstone Tumbled Stone

Dragon Bloodstone Tumbled Stone

Clear Quartz Stone Pyramid

Clear Quartz Stone Pyramid

Rose Quartz Stone Pyramid

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  • Awakening
  • Attracting Love
  • Healing
  • Self Love

Style No. #78132

Open your chakras and feel the unique benefits of rose quartz with this genuine stone pyramid! Natural crystals shaped into a pyramid form hold many unique powers; the pyramid shape itself symbolizes luck, healing, and good fortune.

Four triangles point towards the universe above, making an energetic apex at the top where intentions can easily flow out from. With its flat, grounding base to the earth, this stone pyramid can easily rest on a flat surface, like a personal altar or bedside table. (You can even use it as a paperweight or for flower pressing!)

Cleanse your pyramid of unwanted energetic debris to start and connect with its unique energy. Bonding with your crystals is a great habit to have! When you're ready to practice your manifestation skills, visualize your intentions going into the pyramid and shooting out of the pyramid’s apex, where manifestation is heightened.

Charge your crystal as needed to keep it in top shape. Rose quartz supports the heart, easing emotional stress and bringing warmth and unconditional love to the system.

Dimensions: 40 mm/1.6 inch (Approx.); Size and coloration may vary due to the unique nature of materials.
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Natural Rose Quartz Listing is for one (1) stone pyramid

Each of our crystals' original countries of origins vary, with all stones finished (prepared, polished and made ready for you) in China

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