Opalite Mushroom Necklace up close

Opalite Mushroom Necklace

Brown Mushroom Glass Charm Necklace up close

Brown Mushroom Glass Charm Necklace

Tree of Life Orgonite Chakra Stone Necklace


Style No. #78971

Purify your energy, shield from unwanted frequencies, and magnify Chi with this adjustable necklace that includes a round orgonite resin pendant full of organic stones associated with the seven chakral energy centers and non-organic metal materials, including a brass outline of the Tree of Life in the center. The metals in orgone jewelry help purify the energy coming in from the organic materials, filtering it from unwanted debris like EMFs. Wear the Tree of Life as a reminder of one of the oldest spiritual signs in the world, a sign that connects us to the earth. It appears in mythology and folklore in cultures around the world and the meaning varies from culture to culture but all have a common theme of connection to the physical and spiritual worlds. Some common themes of the Tree of Life: growth, individuality, immortality and peace.

Dimensions: Necklace 23.5” L; Pendant 1.65” D, 2.15” H (Approx.)


70% Resin , 28.25% Brass , 0.25% Amethyst, 0.25% Grey Aventurine, 0.25% Lapis Lazuli, 0.25% Green Aventurine, 0.25% Yellow Aventurine, 0.25% Carnelian, 0.25% Jasper

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