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Love Yourself Gift Set



Who is more deserving of your love than you? Take time to bathe yourself in purifying salts, relaxing aromatherapy, and healing crystals.

Rose Quartz Massage Wand

Use the pointed end of this wand to direct this stone's powerful energy toward areas in need of love.

Lavender Sage Tin Candle

Treat yourself to relaxing notes of fresh lavender, wildflowers and sage.

Bath Salt Crystals

Drop a salt crystal in a warm bath to experience the natural healing properties of Himalayan salt. The crystals help to detoxify, hydrate, stimulate circulation and soothe soreness. Add a few drops of essential oil for aromatherapy benefits.

Lavender Essential Oil 

Add a few drops of Lavender Essential oil to your bath, diffuser or oil burner to calm your sense and relieve stress and anxiety. 

Each Love Yourself Gift Set includes: Rose Quartz Massage Wand, Lavender Sage Tin Candle, Bath Salt Crystals, Lavender Essential Oil

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