Peace Sign Boho Incense Burner with incense

Peace Sign Boho Incense Burner

Black Tree of Life Incense Burner arial view with incense

Black Tree of Life Incense Burner

Yin Yang Boho Incense Burner

Price $6.95

Style No. #87046

Hold your favorite soothing scent upright in this black and white circular incense burner with a yin and yang symbol and bohemian linework designed on the front and a center hole. The yin yang symbol is an ancient Taoist symbol of two opposite energies split and encircled between the other, often seen depicted as black and white. This symbol reminds us that life is a balancing act of opposing, equal energies. It’s a balanced dance of dualism. Nature is based on this symbiotic principle—yin the feminine, yang the masculine; yin the moon, yang the sun; cold and hot, etc. No element overtakes the other; they are symbiotically equal. In this type of relationship, true harmony is created through the balance of energies.
Caution: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not attempt to move the item while incense is burning. Keep burning incense away from clothing, combustible materials and out of drafts. 

Dimensions: 4.25” L, 4.25” H (Approx.)


93% Ceramic, 6% Glaze, 1% Paint

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