Mystic Sunbeam Poker Card Deck

Mystic Sunbeam Poker Card Deck

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Cat Tarot Cards

Zodiac Tarot Deck

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Zodiac Tarot reveals the close connection between the stars, their journey across the celestial sphere, and life on Earth. The observation of planetary movements and the sky has always given us keys to a better understanding of human nature, and ultimately ourselves. The Major Arcana link to the zodiac and planets, while the Minor Arcana connect to the four elements, leading us into a world where astrological energy blends with traditional tarot to illuminate our divinatory path under the stars. Includes 78-card borderless tarot deck and 128-page illustrated guidebook with detailed card descriptions and spreads. How to Use a Tarot Card Deck: Find a place where you might not be disturbed, take some calming breaths; if you want to Ground and Protect yourself now is the best time. Get the deck ready to read with! Some people knock on the deck and blow on it to remove other energies from it and to wake it up. Let your deck know what you will be doing and reiterate or invite Who or What you wish to be working with for the reading. Have your spread or questions ready. It’s good to write these out first and then continue to write down more questions as you ask them. Try to ask open ended questions instead of questions that can be answered with a Yes or No. As you shuffle, think of your spread, the situation or the question. Pull your card or cards and place them on a flat safe surface. Many people use a cloth, napkin or handkerchief for readings. Make sure to keep the cards clean and safe. After you are done drawing your cards, start trying to interpret the answers. You can use the knowledge you have obtained through research, refer to a book, use your own intuition, or any/all of these options. Don’t be too hard on yourself and trust your gut. Write down the question, the card(s) and your interpretation of the answer into a journal or notebook of some kind. Sometimes even just writing it out can help with the interpretation itself.


Dimensions: 3.8” L, 5.5” H (Approx.)

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems

78 cards and guidebook

Written by Cecilia Lattari

Illustrations by Ana Chavez


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