Nitiraj Nirvana Incense Sticks 25g - Earthbound Trading Co.

Nitiraj Nirvana Incense Sticks 25g

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Nitiraj Om Incense Sticks 25g

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Nitiraj Incense Sticks are made completely from scratch with all natural, sustainable ingredients.  While most incense sticks are "coated,"  Nitiraj incense sticks are created by infusing ingredients into the stick as they are mixed and rolled onto a bamboo stick.  The result is a superior slow-burning incense stick that can last up to one hour per stick.  

Om incense sticks are reminiscent of the sweet floral scents found in temples and homes throughout India.

<p>Content:&nbsp; 25 grams,&nbsp;approximately 10-15 hand-rolled incense sticks</p> <p>Handcrafted in India using sustainable natural ingredients</p> <p>Caution:&nbsp; Keep incense out of reach of children and pets.&nbsp; Keep burning incense away from flammable materials.&nbsp; Never leave burning incense unattended nd make sure ashes fall on a fire proof incense burner or ash catcher.&nbsp; Do not eat incense.</p> <p><em>Imported</em></p>
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