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Aroma Necklace Essential Oil Blends

Aroma Necklace Essential Oil Blends

Nag Champa Incense Cones 12pk

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Style No. #4389

Get ready to experience a meditative escape just about anywhere with this pack of nag champa incense cones. Produced by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in India, these aromatic incense cones come with a stand in an eco-friendly pack, and have a very potent, yet harmonizing scent. The satya sai baba nag champa is known around the world for being a high-quality incense created from herbs, floral extracts and essential oils using the Indian masala technique. Many love this traditional scent but you may be wondering, “What is nag champa?” It is a warm and woody scent that is made from sandalwood and magnolia champak, or champaca. Sandalwood brings a slightly sweet, earthy scent thanks to its fragrant bark. This scent can be used as a base for other scents—it combines nicely with warmer florals. Champaca has a composition like the magnolia flower; sweetness from the blossoms mix with warm spices to create a truly unique signature scent story. Nag Champa not only smells enticing, it holds some pretty cool benefits as well! This scent has a deep spiritual association and has been used by nomads worldwide for its calming effect, ability to clear unwanted energies and purification components. It also has been used as an aphrodisiac, awakening the chi within. If you find it hard to sleep, nag champa may help you let go easier and drift off to dreamland. Are you ready to settle into a blissful state of being? Let Nag Champa guide you to the present moment!

For more of the best nag champa incense, check out the Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Sticks available in a 15g or 100g pack.

Light the tip of the dhoop cone and wait until it burns evenly. Blow out the flame and place the cone over the stand provided or use your favorite cone incense burner.


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