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Beaded Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Connect to your higher self and find guidance and clarity to yes or no questions with this rose quartz pendulum. Rose quartz eases the heart energy center and will bring a sense of calm to your divination session.

Love + Compassion

How to Use Your Pendulum:

1) To begin, place your elbow on the table and lightly grip the chain of the pendulum with your forefinger and thumb.

2) Relax and let the pendulum dangle until motionless.

3) Ask your pendulum a question that you know the answer is “yes” to. For example, “Am I a human?” The way the pendulum moves in response is your yes motion.

4) Repeat the same steps for a “no” question. Now your crystal pendulum is set up and ready for future questions!

Dimensions: 11” L (Approx.)


Content: 90% Rose Quartz, 10% Iron