EB Exclusive: Meditative Moon Crystal Pouch shown with stones

EB Exclusive: Meditative Moon Crystal Pouch

Shiny Labradorite Bracelet - Earthbound Trading Co.

Shiny Labradorite Bracelet

Black Labradorite Rune Set

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Channel your intuition with these Labradorite runes. Runes are derived from an ancient alphabet whose roots can be heard in Celtic and Viking languages, and even modern German. Even from the earliest inception, runes were used exclusively as a magical and ritual language. This set includes 25 shimmering gold symbols with different archetypes (strength, protection, growth, joy, and more), carved into a piece of clear quartz, which is the stone of transformation, recalling dreams, clarity, and insight.

Black Labradorite, Muslin cloth

25 pieces

Gold refers to color only

Size will vary due to nature of materials

Care: Wipe clean


Each of our crystals' original countries of origins vary, with all stones finished (prepared, polished and made ready for you) in China.