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Sweet Orange Chakra Prayer Candle (EB Exclusive)

EB Exclusive Prayer Candle: Cinnamon Moth Moons standing up | Earthbound Trading Co.

Cinnamon Moth Moons Prayer Candle (EB Exclusive)

Chime Altar Candles

Price $6.95

Style No. #74070

Add some color to your altar or sacred space with this set of twenty candles. Use specific colors for spell casting, meditation, or infuse energy into one to burn it with your specific intention. 

Crown Chakra
Element = Air
Blessings, Clarity, Calm, Divination, Moon, Protection, Purification
(A white candle can be a substitute for any other color or need.)

Heart Chakra
Element = Earth
Abundance, Fertility, Growth, Luck, Prosperity


Root Chakra
Element = Fire
Action, Creation, Passion, Courage, Romance, Determination

Throat Chakra
Element = Water
Communication, Emotions, Dream Work, Knowledge, Sleep

Sacral chakra
Element = Fire
Creativity, Courage, Home, Energy, Change, Success

Third Eye & Crown Chakra
Element = Water
Divination, Clairvoyance, Protection, Intuition, Wisdom, Skills

Root Chakra
Elements = Earth, Water
Banish, Karma, Divination, Transformation, Power

Balance Heart Chakra
Elements = Air, Fire
Love, Gentleness, Beauty, Balance, Self-Work, Sympathy 

Solar Plexus
Elements = Air, Fire
Focus, Inspiration, Cheerfulness, Vitality, Healing

Candle Dimensions .5" L, 4" H (Approx.)"

Up to 1-2 hour burn time

Set includes twenty (20) candles


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