Black Tourmaline Rough Stone

Black Tourmaline Rough Stone

Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Stone

Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Stone

Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone

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  • Cleanse + Protect
  • Creativity

Style No. #69389

Black Tourmaline enhances our energy system and realigns the chakras, acting like a shield against bad vibes. Carry this powerful grounding stone wherever you go to stay focused on the present moment. Try combining it with a clear quartz worry stone to ground your energy and promote healing.

Black tourmaline is a super popular stone in the crystal healing community, mainly known for its cleansing and grounding properties. It is one of the most powerful healing crystals we offer, ideal for detoxifying your system, realigning chakras and protecting against bad vibes. It is key for balancing all of the chakras. Tourmaline stone is especially good at not only protecting against negative energies from other people, but also the environment, such as electromagnetic waves. This stone has piezoelectric properties, meaning it can convert mechanical energy into electric energy. This makes it particularly useful in balancing the body's energetic framework. In today’s technology-driven world, it is important to have a healing stone you can count on to counteract the effects of environmental stressors.

Black tourmaline stones are also great at igniting your creativity. Next time you have a big project coming up, an art project due soon, or a writing assignment that’s been looming over in waiting, grab this tourmaline stone and let its open and stimulating energy help you create the next big masterpiece. This shimmery, black stone creates positivity, uplifting the vibes wherever it is. So no need to stress—you’ve got this with the help of a certain magical stone!

To keep this powerful stone nearby, we recommend using one of our velvet drawstring crystal pouches or cool catch all dishes. Simply slip it into a pouch to take along the protection of black tourmaline with you wherever you go. 

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Natural Tourmaline

Listing is for one (1) stone
Dimensions: Between 25-30 mm (Approx.); Size and coloration may vary due to unique nature of materials.


Each of our crystals' original countries of origins vary, with all stones finished (prepared, polished and made ready for you) in China.


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