Blue Sandstone Worry Stone

Blue Sandstone Worry Stone

Extra Small Amethyst Druze Cut Base Up to 0.5kg example two

Extra Small Amethyst Druze Cut Base Up to 0.5kg

Blue Sandstone Moon Worry Stone

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  • Cleanse + Protect

Style No. #64252

Are you stressed? Do you have a bit (or a lot) of anxiety? Or do you simply need a tool to help you focus and meditate? Grab a worry stone! This small pocket-size blue sandstone healing crystal is oval shaped and features a moon and star indentation in the center. They are the perfect distraction to help you fidget during stressful situations or an accessory to rub during deep breathing exercises or mantras. To use our Blue Sandstone Moon Worry Stone, place it between your thumb and index finger. Use your thumb to rub the indentation from front to back, side to side, or in circles as you free and clear your mind. When you are finished rubbing your worry stone, keep it tucked away in a bag or shirt pocket—it’s the perfect size to keep the good vibes on-the-go with you!

Soothe anxiety, alleviate negative thoughts, and dispel low vibes from your auric field with the courage and perseverance of this blue sandstone gemstone. This throat-chakra-centered stone is a common favorite among highly sensitive empaths due to its protective nature. It’s a unique man-made stone commonly composed of quartz sand that has been heat-treated and combined with glass and natural coloring to create its shimmering, glittering effect. It may be combined with other elements such as copper, feldspar, manganese, cobalt or chromium. It is believed to have cleansing properties.

Our worry stones are the perfect size to slip into your pocket, backpack or purse for your on-the-go relaxation needs. If you would like to turn your worry stone into a jewelry piece or carry it close to your heart, check out our popular Silver Worry Stone Locket Necklace or Gold Worry Stone Locket Necklace. These long-chain necklaces allow you to display the beauty of your favorite worry stone while keeping it near for safekeeping.

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1.5" x 1.75" (Approx.)

Color will vary due to nature of materials


Each of our crystals' original countries of origins vary, with all stones finished (prepared, polished and made ready for you) in China.

Blue Sandstone

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