Three Examples of Large Quartz Crystal Point Base

Large Quartz Crystal Point Base

Small Quartz Cluster 100 - 300g example one

Small Quartz Cluster 100 - 300g

Heart Chakra Quartz Singing Bowl

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Meditate to the harmonious sounds of a singing bowl made from clear quartz sand. This meditation tool opens and activates the heart chakra while cleansing the body from energetic debris. Clear quartz is also known to promote focus and amplify intentions. Singing bowls are tools used to practice mindfulness and meditation. Sound therapy is known to offer beneficial effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Coming in a myriad of shapes, styles, and harmonic resonances, each singing bowl is unique and can be used for sound massage, sound therapy, and chakra balancing. They are played by either striking or slowly rubbing/stirring the wooden mallet on the top outer surface of the metal bowls, producing a continuous harmonic sound. Included is a plastic and goat suede mallet and a silicone o-ring that rests under the singing bowl to keep it stable. Decorate your space with the welcoming aura of crystal quartz sand. This makes great décor for an office desk or home table. You can easily set it on a flat surface with the o-ring below to showcase its beauty. Due to the unique and natural state of the quartz crystal sand used, each piece may vary in shape and size.


Dimensions: Bowl 7.65” D, 6.5” H; Mallet 1.15” D, 7.65” H; O-Ring 2.75” D (Approx.)



99.99% Quartz Sand Bowl; 100% Silicone O-Ring; 100% Silicone; 90% Plastic,10% Suede Mallet (Domestic Goat Cover)

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