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Lotus Wood Artist Hand

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Style No. #34299

This wooden artist hand has a movable wrist as well as fully jointed fingers. It is also positioned in the Gyan Mudra which is a hand gesture known as the seal of knowledge. The Gyan Mudra is often used during mediation to help ease drowsiness, inspire creativity, and increase concentration. The thumb of this mudra symbolizes fire and divine nature, and the index finger symbolizes air and individual human consciousness. It is believed that Gyan Mudra increases the air element in the body, empowering the mind, and positively affecting emotions. Use this symbolic artist hand as inspiration for your own meditation, as a prop for sketching, or simply as a fascinating home décor item. You can even get creative and mold a peace sign or other hand symbols.

3" L X 2.5"W X 12"H