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Snail Rootwood Vase

Rose Quartz Elephant Figurine laid out

Rose Quartz Elephant Figurine

Medusa Pendulum Board (EB Exclusive)

Price $9.95

Style No. #83229

Find guidance and clarity to “yes” or “no” questions with this mystical scrying board made to be paired with a pendulum (not included). The painted Medusa design was created by the talented artist, Ashley! This board includes ‘Yes’, ‘Maybe’, ‘No’, ‘Will Not Answer’, ‘Rephrase’, and ‘Try Again’.

Medusa is a fabled creature in ancient Greek mythology, most notable for having coiled hair made of snakes and piercing eyes that petrify anyone who meets her gaze into stone. Over time, Medusa has been depicted as a protective symbol that wards off negative energies.

How to Use Your Pendulum Board: 1) Relax and ground yourself by visualizing a protective bubble around you. 2) Steady your forearm and position the pendulum dangling with your forefinger and thumb until motionless. 3) Determine your pendulum’s unique “yes” or “no” direction by asking a question you know the answer to (ex: “Am I human?”)—whichever side the pendulum swings, place your board according to that side. Now your Pendulum Board is set up and ready for future questions!

Dimensions: 8” L, 8” H (Approx.)


95% Wood, 5% Painting

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