Blue Glass Mushroom Light

Blue Glass Mushroom Light

LED Aurora Borealis Light Projector lit up

LED Aurora Borealis Light Projector

Salt Stone String Lights

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Create a calm pinkish glow in your sanctuary with these adorable—and super giftable—Himalayan salt string lights! Did you know—himalayan salt is the most beneficial salt on the planet. Formed in a time when the earth was pristine, it’s free of any environmental impact. This was carved from salt crystal rock excavated from the Himalayan foothills. Positive ions are emitted into the air through everyday technology use. Salt naturally attracts water. When salt is heated, negative ions (known as "Vitamins of the Air") are released. Positive and negative ions join to balance and cleanse the air, revitalizing the body, and naturally calming nerves while elevating the mood and revitalizing cells for an uplifting and holistic experience. Similar negative ions can also be found in nature—concentrated on mountain tops, produced after thunderstorms, near waterfalls, forests, and by the sea. Plug this natural air ionizer in and fill your sanctuary with soft light and good vibes!


Dimensions: 76” L (Approx.)

Warning: this contains small parts which may be a choking hazard. This is not recommended for children under the age of 8 years. Do not mix old and new batteries or mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries. Remove the batteries during longer periods of non-use. Use only recommended batteries or equivalents, volts and size. Observe the indicated polarity when inserting the batteries. Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries. Do not expose empty batteries to fire. This may result in an explosion. Dispose of exhausted batteries properly. Keep all batteries away from children.

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)


80% Stone, 5% Plastic, 5% LED, 10% Metal

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