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Square Kantha Meditation Cushion

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Large Iridescent Mushroom Light

Small Citrine Druze Cut Base 500g - 1kg

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Use a stone of cleansing and regeneration to enrich any room! Citrine is a stone that is believed to aid in self-improvement, spiritual healing, and even overcoming phobias! This small citrine druze makes great décor for an office desk, mantel, or coffee table. It has a cut base so that you can easily set it on a flat surface to showcase its beauty. Due to the unique and natural state of the citrine used, each piece may vary in shape, size, or color.

.5 kg to 1 kg (Approx.); Weight may vary slightly per piece

6" x 4.5" x 2.25" (Approx.); Size may vary slightly per piece