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Aventurine Heart Chakra Necklace

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Aventurine Sacral Chakra Necklace

Aventurine Solar Plexus Chakra Necklace

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Allow your authentic self to shine brightly with this solar plexus chakra necklace. This yellow aventurine stone pendant necklace features an inverted triangle symbol, representing the fire element and its transformative power. The Solar Plexus Chakra (or Manipura)’s function is to optimize our personal power so that we can navigate our lives with strength and determination. Manipura gives us the confidence we need to process and eliminate what does not serve us, and to let it go. The affirmation associated with this necklace: “I am confident, powerful, and I can handle anything.”

Please note: due to the unique and natural state of the yellow aventurine stone used, no two pendants are exactly alike in shape, size or color.

Dimensions: 12.75" L (Approx.)


90% Iron, 10% Yellow Aventurine Stone