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Aventurine Heart Chakra Necklace

Aventurine Third Eye Chakra Necklace

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Improve your intuition with this third eye chakra necklace. This grey aventurine stone pendant necklace features the Om symbol positioned over an inverted triangle within a circle between two lotus petals, representing the growth of one’s wisdom that leads to enlightenment. The Third Eye Chakra (or Ajna) is held to be the center of intuition, vision, prophecy, imagination, inner knowing and self-assurance. The energetic function of Ajna Chakra is to help us learn to know ourselves: emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The affirmation associated with this necklace: “I am open, intuitive, and self-assured.”

Please note: due to the unique and natural state of the grey aventurine used, no two pendants are exactly alike in shape, size or color.

Dimensions: 12.75" L (Approx.)


90% Iron, 10% Grey Aventurine Stone